About Us

BARAYAND Consulting Engineers Company was established in 1963 in Tehran, Iran and the purpose of its establishment was to design and supervise all road construction projects, including freeways, main and secondary roads, railways, tunnels, large bridges and intersections, and pipelines.

This company has completed various projects and is currently working on approximately seventy percent of Iran’s vast land.

The initiation and development of construction projects should be done from the first step in a completely scientific manner using useful and sufficient experiences. Therefore, studying, knowing, safe design, and using the latest scientific developments and construction, along with cultural and local interactions, can lead to the proper development of the country. Therefore, this is important on the shoulders of consulting engineers specializing in various specialties and strong contractors to implement their plans.

BARAYAND Consulting Engineers Company is a member of the Iranian Consulting Engineers Society, and in March 2014, thanks to more than half a century of work and continuous efforts, it was honored to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Vice President and the Head of the Program and Budget Organization. This company has received ISO 9001 certification since 2008, and all the company’s workflows are carried out according to the above standard. Over the past years, this company has always participated in various exhibitions organized by employers or other occasions.